Auto add a “Shot On” Watermark Stamp on Photos using Built-in Camera

App Name: Shot On Stamp Camera

Category: Photography

Date: February, 2020

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Shot On for Camera’ is a simple app that provides you the functionality to auto add “ShotOn” tags watermark on your photographs captured from the built-in camera. It facilitates you to choose any brand logo as per your preference along with the functionality to edit signature text e.g “Shot On (Your Device Name)” and “Shot By (Your Name)”. Show off your photography skills with your perfect device Camera by auto adding these stamps to your photos!


Add Shot on, Shot by, Timestamp & Signature on photo


Features you wished for, delivered!


🧩 Wide Variety of Brand Logos to Choose from

🏷️ ShotOn Tag Stamp Position Changeable

📍   Functionality to add custom Logo

📱  Choose your phone model according to brand

🗃️ Shot On Tag Signature Fields Editable