“A picture says a thousand words. Add a time date and location stamp to it and it adds teeth. the landlords and the legal issues can not argue the photo. it is a double edge sword it cuts both ways. I have been using this app the old version and the new for years now and it has always worked without fail. It is a real credit to the developers’ team. it is the only app that I have had no hesitation in paying for.. it is that good.”

Russell J CostinAuto Stamper

“Timestamp camera is the best app and I just love all the features. I love the interface and it is user-friendly. All the features are simply awesome and make my work very easy. I would highly recommend it!”

Tanmay DattaTimestamp Camera

“Very quick and simple app to be used during Journey. This is a very useful camera that prints your location on the picture too. I like it and can recommend it.”

Clive MartinGPS Map Camera