Kevin Nayani



With a strong background of operation engineering, administrative planning, and operational efficiency. I believe I possess the qualifications and experience necessary to drive impactful organizational growth and ensure seamless administrative operations. As a Chief Administrative Officer, I am dedicated to maximizing operational effectiveness, optimizing resource allocation, and enhancing overall productivity, all while maintaining a sharp focus on achieving the company’s strategic objectives.

My proven track record includes successfully overseeing complex administrative functions, managing budgets, and developing and implementing robust policies and procedures. I thrive in dynamic environments, where I can leverage my strong analytical skills and strategic mindset to identify opportunities for process enhancement and cost savings.

Additionally, I am known for my exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, enabling me to build strong relationships with all levels. I excel in cross-functional collaboration, working closely with executives, department heads, and teams to align administrative goals.


2023 – Present
CAO at Susamp Infotech

2021 – 2023
Android Developer at Susamp Infotech


Operation Management
Budgting and Reporting
Decision Making